Typos Galore

‘The Rings of Saturn’ is the most well known book by the great contemporary award-winning writer W G Sebald, just out this month in a Kindle edition for the first time, published by New Directions, and it is riddled with typos. Bur instead of But, Our instead of Out, and so on. But it’s only self-published writers who get excoriated for poor editing, not this, one of the most prestigious of all imprints!

Besides that, it is yet another striking work by this fascinating story teller …


6 thoughts on “Typos Galore

  1. That’s not uncommon, actually. The major publishers still don’t seem to think of electronic editions as “real books” and they release e-book versions that are full of errors. Often it looks as if they just ran the print edition through a scanner and didn’t bother to proof the OCR afterwards.


    • Seriously, I find it in every ebook no matter who put it out there. Seeing as New Directions and Sebald in particular as Literary with a capital L as they come, it makes me wonder if the traditional publishers aren’t doing it on purpose, to make ebooks seem of less quality as a category.


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