Kickstarter Project – The Spinster – An Indie Film

Last year I was fortunate to discover a great (and free) ebook of short stories by San Francisco writer Judy B, and have also been enjoying her tweets since that time, and just the other day found out that she’s involved in what looks like a very cool indie film being made right now called The Spinster: The Spinster is a short film that will appeal to fans of horror films, thrillers, films with strong female characters and of course, to cyclists. It also celebrates the bicycle community, on and behind the camera. The film was written, produced and directed by Kristin Tieche. 

So I kicked in a contribution to its Kickstarter project, which is in its final week and nearing its goal. The wild thing about these projects is that if they don’t meet that goal, the whole thing is kaput, and I’d hate to see that happen, so I’m spreading the word just in case anyone who comes across this feels like chipping is as well.


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