Winging It – Serialized Improvisational Fiction

My son and I are in the midst of our second collaboration, the sequel to Entropic Quest (Epic Fail: Book One), called Prisoners of Perfection  (which you can follow along as we serialize it on Leanpub). What’s really fun about this one is that we are absolutely winging it. I have no idea what my son will come up with next, it’s just my job to write it. I exaggerate, of course. I contribute as well, but we are in no hurry. Life is making this story unfold as much as anything. Each day we talk about it, consider alternatives, and one thing leads to another. A dream I had last night led to a brand new character in chapter eleven, but he served a purpose we had already discussed. Already the story is dramatically different than when we started out, and I can only see one or two chapters ahead. We have a vague idea of a certain crossroads we’re coming to, but whether we get there or not, and what happens if we do or don’t, is entirely up in the air. The only thing for sure is that it’s a lot of fun, and I’m especially enjoying the lack of total control. Usually, when I’m writing alone, it’s all up to me and there’s a pleasure in that but also a kind of stress that is missing from this experience.

(cover art – candidate)



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