Fissure Monroe gets some rare affection

Amazon UK Review (Fissure Monroe is also free from Smashwords, Feedbooks, etc … and it’s a strange one, even for me – excuses include hey i was only like 25 years old  when i wrote it, in concurrent columns, in an accounting ledger book, in multi-colored pens, all dialog with no narration, and then had a hell of a time figuring out how to translate that to good old-fashioned  linear bookishness. fun fact: marks the first appearance of the later-to-be nearly ubiquitous Inspector Stanley Mole. fun fact #2. the title comes from the Heptones song, Row Fisherman – “row fisherman row”)
3.0 out of 5 stars Quirky and interesting story, 6 May 2013

This is an unusual story. It’s set in a world where getting the perfect skeleton is the latest fashion craze. It concerns the theft of a bone that is worthless and priceless at the same time. It’s told in a police interview with the main characters.

The writing itself is pretty good, although the story itself is a little confusing. The way perspectives change rapidly gives you little time to absorb what you’ve just learnt. I enjoyed the story and it’s a good example of what is great about Indie publishing, you’d be unlikely to discover a story like this through other channels.

I have to say that I love the cover as well.

(thanks very much and me too, about the cover! I made this new one, using GIMP, from a photo I took at the Steampunk Museum in Oumaru, New Zealand, combined with a twilight instagram shot I took of the Pacific Ocean at San Gregorio, California)



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