Jimmy Cruise – Cover Art

JimmyCruiseLastChance_Cover1Finishing up this story, a love story of sorts, between a dying man and a ghost. At the same time it’s a story about adolescence, daydreaming, sex and longing. The ending is multiple and ambiguous. As they say, It is what it is. I’m not sure I’m going to stick with the title. The story re-purposes some characters from earlier stories (Raisinheart, Death Ray Butterfly, Zombie Nights). There are definite inconsistencies but that doesn’t bother me. These are fictitious characters after all. In a sense, it’s fan fiction, except in this case the fan is also the author of the previous versions. (title font – HIghway to Heck)

Jimmy Cruise, Last Chance is now on Smashwords. It’s cross-categorized as Literary Fiction and Romance/Adult. I wonder if I’ll catch any grief for that. It’s probably not what’s expected from Romance/Adult, but they had no ‘Dark Romance’ category, and I didn’t want to go all “paranormal” because it isn’t really that either …


4 thoughts on “Jimmy Cruise – Cover Art

    • Well, I do like making covers! The story turned out to be only around 10,000 words, six writing sessions in all. “When the fruit is ripe, it falls from the tree” and this story is made up of elements that have been circling around in my brain for quite some time, and happened to have sufficient momentum to coalesce a bit. I’m not sure how I feel about the story, though. Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to go certain places – I think you know what I mean – and then there it is!


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