Is That Important?

Don’t have a thing to share
Won’t even comb my hair
But in our room so nice,
This screwed up life and I sit down
Is that important ?
I blow the good-bye test
And note that all my friends
Will use this time for sleep.
They know that talk is cheap.
But I know the words you say,
Cost more than we could pay.
Why leave on today ?

Lately there have been a spate of self-serving articles about self-publishing and how horrible it all is, things change but some things never change, it’s all about the money, and don’t forget the cover art and for Christ’s sake get an editor and don’t forget the social media. If you’re not a platform what the hell are you anyway? You’re selling yourself, right? Its all about you and your product. But still, don’t stop clinging to that dream of being the next Stephen King or even the next John Holmes, whatever, it doesn’t matter as long as you MAKE IT because after all it’s why anyone does anything anymore. Who doesn’t want to be a one-hit wonder, after all, and retire to South Beach where the hot people are? Is that important?

This one here freaks out about the perceived “cult-like” mentality of self-publishers rubbing his “dream career” aspirations the wrong way, and that’s nto all he’s rubbing in this all-vanity all-the-time article.

Here’s Paul St. John Mackintosh mixing references to Karl Marx, Robber Barons, Snake Oil Salesmen and Barkers while he himself shouts about how self-promoting all this self-promotion is.

And here he is again interviewing a goddess of e-smut and I swear you could substitute any genre for her “New Adult” one in this discussion about how important book covers are, and proofreading, and the brave new world of e-books. Hey, these new adults – I guess they are people between the ages of 19 and 21? in other words, 20? – have special erotic reading needs, so we look at them as A WHITE SPACE IN THE MARKET. There’s money to be made in them thar bedrooms.

Well, journalists have to write stories, and every new thing is a story, and every new thing follows the same trajectory from molehill to mountain to right back down again. In two or three years it won’t matter at all where the crap you’re reading came from. It will all be the same. It’s just words on a page. My god, I have friends whining about how Instagram is ruining the art of photography! I know other people who can’t let go of the difference between mp3’s and vinyl. I hear constantly that price is value and anything free is therefore value-free, and yet every day I see all sorts of interesting art from artists on Tumblr and listen to musicians I like, such as Lyttel Town, on Soundcloud and the hype has nothing to do with anything.

If you are someone who likes to be creative, then do it and pay no attention to all those people behind the curtain trying to sell themselves to you. The rule is that where there’s signal, there’s noise.


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