Out on the ocean on a sea kayak this morning, I could really feel the pull of the tides and the vastness of the sea, which was both exhilirating and frightening. There is definitely something addictive about the ocean, and I felt more understanding of my surfing friends, who long to be out there every day. I also can’t wait to get back. It was very different than paddling on a river or a lake, which I also enjoy. It’s something I will have to think more about. It helped add to the experience that I went out through the harbor, on a foggy, drizzly morning, with the old anchored ships looming out of the mist, and the pelicans and cormorants gliding along the surface of the green and rolling waters. Beyond the jetty the great Mavericks’ waves could be seen crashing far off shore. Altogether an entrancing ride.


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