HarperCollins: Book Thieves?

Here’s an astonishing and rather frightening story about how an Indie Author had his work ripped off by one of the major book conglomerates. To summarize, Carl Ashmore wrote and self-published a series of books called “The TIme Hunters” about a pair of time traveling treasure seeking kids. At one point he had submitted it to HarperCollinsAuthonomy” site, which reviewed it positively, and then he went on to write and sell more of his series through Amazon and was doing quite well, until HarperCollins, through a subsidiary “book packaging company” (!?) called Hothouse Fiction emerged with a nearly identical ripoff series, called ‘Time Hunters” (they dropped the “The”) featuring the same characters and adventures as in the “real” original books.

Major corporations like these [bloodsuckers] are always screaming about piracy, but here they appear to be the pirates themselves, and you have to wonder how often this happens.

Writers beware.


4 thoughts on “HarperCollins: Book Thieves?

  1. I think there’s some kind of legal recourse for that. Though it probably doesn’t make the author feel any better, because of the time and expense it takes to get through something like that. I hope he took them to court. They really should be fined big for that one.


  2. I don’t think the problem is as big as everyone seems to think it is. Similar ideas (and yeah, even titles) do not a plagiarism case make. Heck, off I could probably come up with at least five series that include time traveling kids who end up Ancient Greece and Egypt. Those are popular destinations for time travelers. I highly doubt that the book packaging company only came up with the series after reading te other book on Authonomy.


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