Saltbush Stories

I was happy to see this review of Squatter with a Lexus, from a reader who “got it” (yet i never heard the term “saltbush stories” before)

“When I was a kid we used to tell “saltbush stories”— tales that instead of ending with a bang, just fizzled out leaving the listener wondering if he’d missed the point—that was the joke. Squatter with a Lexus is the ultimate ‘saltbush’—right down to the intriguing title. A cast of wonderfully eccentric characters all well developed, mostly unlovely, all believable. The very short chapters offering glimpses of the people involved in this tale are an excellent device. I was thoroughly entertained and impatiently awaited the denouement with mounting excitement. When it arrived I laughed aloud…it was the perfect ending to a very well-written yarn, in which I could find nothing offensive, but much to admire.”


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