Recommended: Lyric by Jim Maher

Jim Maher has been one of my favorite “indie” writers for some time now, and I’ve recommended his books several times so it was with great interest that I clicked on a link in a tweet about a new story he’d posted called “Lyric”. I was glad I did because he’s since removed the title from Amazon while a publisher considers it, as happened with his excellent Hemingway Man. When it becomes available again I’ll provide a link.

Lyric is a dystopia, certainly, but one that’s drawn with such a broad brush that you can’t start nit-picking about this or that aspect of its world-building. Basically, there’s a girl who doesn’t want to practice her violin. Next thing you know the world is enveloped in some sort of blackness all the way up to 100 meters. Above that level, survivors eek out a meager existence. Lyric Bell, the young musician, finds her own voice in a series of exciting and unexpected adventures in this chaotic situation, As always, Jim’s characters are drawn with compassion and humor. His young heroines – here as in his wonderful Seamus and Tessa – are charismaric and shine in his stories.

I only wish I could wave a magic wand and spread the word about these books to more than the tiny ripple I am able to reach. I hate it that these books don’t have more than a few reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and elsewhere. Jim has such a sweet style and his stories are so engaging and fun that I know that with exposure he’d find great popularity.


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