Land Bridge

Ever since I first heard of the “land bridge” theory of American population, something in me called bullshit. The theory is that the entire Western Hemisphere was populated by folks who walked over a land bridge from Siberia to Alaska some 13,000 years ago, and then spread southwards, killing everything in their path (mammoths, etc …), such that the depletion of game caused them to trod ever onward, until finally reaching Tierra Del Fuego. It always seemed to obviously absurd to me that it’s become a long-standing joke among my friends that all they have to do to set me off on an expletive-filled barrage is to mention the term “land bridge”.

Hence … every article I find confirming my peeve makes me happy.

“there’s an alternate route: they could have travelled down the coast in boats. “The colonization of Australia occurred even earlier,” Adovasio said. “It’s, in my opinion, simple racism that we never recognized before that the earliest populations in the Americas were capable of building boats.”

No doubt.


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