Self-Publishing Adventures with BookTrakr

Booktrakr is a web app/service for self-publishers that aggregates and delivers all your sales, reviews and rankings info from a variety of platforms, including Kindle, Smashwords, iTunes and PubIt. It’s not perfect, but it’s only in beta right now so you’ll want to make allowances for that. It sure beats trying to go and collect all this stuff yourself, especially if you have multiple titles available through multiple channels. Note that Smashwords’ channels don’t report on the daily emails because they don’t report to Smashwords daily, either.

Some amusing things I found so far is in the Amazon rankings of some of my titles. I have no idea how they come up with categories for this stuff. For example:

Missy Tonight 1 Kindle US Free > … > Agnosticism
Orange Car With Stripes 2 Kindle US Free > … > Cults & Demonism
Snapdragon Alley 26 Kindle US Free > … > Scary Stories
Snapdragon Alley 5 Kindle FR Free > … > Spine-Chilling Horror
Snapdragon Alley 12 Kindle ES Free > … > Terror y fantasmas
Tiddlywink the Mouse 2 Kindle US Free > … > Mice, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs & Squirrels
World Weary Avengers 23 Kindle US Free > … > General & Reference
Zombie Nights 25 Kindle US Free > … > Metaphysical & Visionary

World Weary Avengers in General & Reference? Why? Does it sound like “Wikipedia”, because it begins with a W and contains many syllables? It’s a silly sci-fi story!


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