BookTrakr and Pigeonweather in the Cloud

I do like Booktrakr, the site that tracks your indie author downloads and sales from Amazon and elsewhere. It’s quite useful and so far free of charge while in beta. I was confused about some of the numbers, though, and had a confusing email conversation with customer support until I realized what the problem was. Most of my Smashwords downloads were unaccounted for, and the Booktrakr people kept telling me I must have my numbers wrong, because they’re sure of theirs. It finally hit me that they’re only getting numbers from the sales reports you can download from Smashwords, whereas I was talking about the numbers from the website itself, which are not included in those reports, but are available on the Dashboard page.

Rather than continuing the conversation, though, I decided to go ahead and do the same thing they do, myself. I was already toying with running a server in the cloud, so I added this feature into that. It’s bare bones right now, the results of a few hours work, but the new Pigeonweather Cloud is tracking my daily downloads from and, as well as making my books free to read online (the format will be improved!).

This will also settles the issue (for me personally) that a lot of people have with Booktrakr – that you have to give them your login information.


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