The Jewish Mother’s Take on Book Reviews

On Amazon someone gave a nice little review to Ledman Pickup and said they thought it was “Lichtenburg’s best work” [sic]. Made my day.

At the same time it naturally led to the other half of the thought, summed up best by this Jewish mother joke: A Jewish mother gives her son two ties; a red tie and a blue tie. He goes up to change and comes downstairs wearing the blue tie. She says , “what’s the matter? you didn’t like the red tie?”

Now, the other day we were driving up the coast to Half Moon Bay around sunset, and one of the farm ponds was glowing in the light like gold. This made me think that there are some things that only happen at certain times and you simply cannot make them happen at any other time. So much of life is like this. It’s a good idea to recognize that fact and appreciate those moments. So much for pearls of wisdom.



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