Recommended: Unclean Jobs for Girls and Women by Alissa Nutting

I saw that this book (“Unclean Jobs for Girls and Women”, by Alissa Nutting) had won an award for “innovative” fiction, but after reading it I’d have to say that I never would have believed the word “innovative” to be an understatement, but in this case, it is, and by far. Some of the stories in here are astonishingly original and bold. My favorite is probably ‘Ant Colony’, which begins with this:
“When space on earth became very limited, it was declared all people had to host another organism on or inside of their bodies. Many people chose something noninvasive, sich as barnacles or wig-voles. Some women had breast operations that allowed them to accomodate small aquatic life within implants. But because I was already perfectly-breasted (and, admittedly, vain) I sought out a doctor who, for several thousands of dollars, drilled holes into my bones to make room for an ant colony”.
Ok, that was just the beginning. The story only blasts off from there. This one, and other stories such as “Knife Thrower” and “Corpse Smoker”, take you places where no short stories have gone before. Not all are equally wonderful, of course, and those with finer sensibilities are sure to find offense here and there. To me, this collection provided a new sense of what is possible in fiction, and that is pretty rare.


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