Review Unto Others

The Golden Rule applies even to the internet. So many horror stories! So many intrigues! So many life lessons that can basically be boiled back down to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Here’s one about a writer’s experience with Yelp-bounceback – give somebody a bad review of their business and don’t be surprised when they Google you back and slam your brand new novel!

Here is one of many threads about a recent Goodreads controversy about what constitutes a proper review and what is considered to be rude and ill-considered insulting of authors and/or readers. I’ve kept to the surface level of that particular social network, found some reviewers whose taste I happily hijack but otherwise not getting deep or personal in any way there. Who knows what shadows lurk in the hearts of anonymous bookworms?

Finally, a cautionary tale about someone I know who was messing around on Twitter, found some white supremacists there and started taunting them believing himself to be anonymous, only to have them track him down, show up at his office and smash his car windows in, as well as write letters to the Human Resources department of his company accusing him of various petty thefts and such.

It’s a jungle out there, if an invisible one.

Today we hear about 60 millions Spaniards “spied upon” in one month by the NSA. Kind of makes you want to hang up your keyboard and go back to whispering down the lane


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