Bits and Pieces

No, I’m not doing NaNoWriMo (I also don’t run marathons). I am never motivated by external pressures, only by internal ones (that being said, I am actually doing the Movember stache for prostate cancer – it’s a family thing). As for writing,  I can never write just because I want to. I can only write because I have to. And the way that goes is in bits and pieces. Ideas and characters have to accumulate, pile up, and they tend to come from all over the place.

It occurred to me recently than whenever I have children in my books, they’re usually neglected. I’m sure that says something. I’ve hardly ever written about decent parents in the midst of raising their children. I’d like to, especially since I’ve spent the bulk of the past dozen years doing it myself).

There was an idea of some sort of character with a capacity to ‘heal’ people (in some way) except not the person who matters most to him or her.

I facetiously remarked that I’d get around to doing something “on the 14th of Never” but my son misheard this as “The Four Teeth of Never”, which struck us both as a really great book title.

I was blogging about the notion of people “finding God’s plan” for them, as if this life was mapped out like some sort of treasure hunt, and that led to a playful idea of a faux Just So Stories where instead of “How The Leopard Got His Spots” I’d have some wild fantastic tales such as “How X ended up in a dead end job” or “How Y ended up in a dead end marriage” or “How Z ended up getting everything she wanted without even trying”.

So these and other small notions gather and most get chucked aside but sooner or later a few will stick together in some unlikely combination and the inner compulsion will force me to start writing and then find out if the story has enough momentum to make it through the usual process. It seems that life without daydreaming is too dreary for me, and the daydreams turn into stories, and the stories run their course like tiny streams that emerge from the ground and seep for a while before sinking back into their underworld home once again.


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