Written by The Human

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to consider everything you read as written by The Human, the collective entity of the species. Ignore the author’s name, gender, ethnicity, era, or any other indicators that can lead you to pre-judge or pre-conceive anything about the writing. Just read the story and let the words speak for themseves.

This occurred to me after reading an interesting collection of very short stories around a central theme, entitled The Future Manifestations of Saint Christina the Astonishing (available as a free ebook from bibliostatic) and brought to my attention by the indie author Paul Samael (whose writings are all very much worth reading).

Saint Christina appears to have been written by several people, though none are identified, so you can have no preconceptions about the writer(s). There are no biographies or photos or bibliographies or promotional links to other products, so you can easily think of them as being written by The Human, that is by all or any of us from any time and any place. The 8 pieces are loosely centered around the life of a medieval Catholic saint and what such an apparition might consist of in contemporary and future times. There are any number of fascinating ideas in here, One of my favorites is the notion that forgotten ideas drop out of “existence” on the quantum level, and go into the formation of the cosmic background radiation our technology appears to be detecting. Nice. It’s not all science fiction, but much of it is. There are artificial intelligences, unreal beings, a wonderful twist on the idea of reincarnation (where minds can repeat, and this recurrence be detected by literary analysis). Recommended.



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