Pigeon Weather Paperback Collections

I had been using Lulu to make paperback copies on my fictions, one by one, but they’re so small I was never really happy with the results. At least I had something I could give to techno-phobic friends and family, but I had the idea that my fictions would be better served if published as collections, so I’ve lately been using CreateSpace to do that. Obviously these works are not destined for a bookstore near you, bookstores being collectively against CreateSpace on the principle of not helping Amazon destroy them all even more utterly than it’s already doing, but the product is nice and I’ve been happy with the process. It also makes it easier to bundle with Kindle, and you can easily offer the ebook for free now with Amazon’s new Book Match program.


The latest offering is Unwritten Rules and Robots, and includes three short science fiction novellas, each of which is rather entertaining in its own way:

Renegade Robot:
It’s the end of the world as we know it, when the dreaded Singularity finally occurs and happens to be captured, live on tape, by agents of the Frantic News Network, which freaks out, as usual, and causes a lot of trouble for the mild-mannered nanobot exterminator who happens to get caught in the crossfire

Unwritten Rules of Impossible Things:
What if someone – or something – stole one of your days? Just one, and you didn’t know why, or what they had done with your life in that time? Young Philip Galvez and his friend Marcus Holmes found out for themselves when they decided to discover why there was a giant stuffed moose in a house down the road.

The New Guy in Moon Base Twelve:
They weren’t exactly the crew the President had in mind when he announced his plan to build a permanent base on the moon so the Chinese wouldn’t do it first, but there they were, a boring collection of peaceful, happy settlers who couldn’t even get a decent reality TV show rating. Life was perfectly dull until the new guy arrived. Now if they could only find out who he was and where he’d come from.

Other CreateSpace collections include these:

Dragon City: Enter the world of Snapdragon Alley, where every so often very strange things happen in a far corner of the city of Spring Hill Lake. Beginning as children, Alex and Argus Kirkham and their friend Sapphire Karadjian encounter the whatever-it-is and find themselves repeatedly drawn into its orbit. Is it a sentient wormhole to another dimension? Is it a creature of vast and unusual appetites? Is it even a thing or a place at all, and will anyone ever unravel its essence?

Four episodes in the lives of these three people over a period of fifty years explore the mysterious worlds of Dragon City in four short novels, including Snapdragon Alley, Freak City, Dragon Town and Happy Slumbers.


Rays and Nights: Three short novels sharing characters and locales in widely different genres.’ Zombie Nights’ is an existential resurrection thriller. ‘Death Ray Butterfly’ is manic comic sci-fi detective fiction. ‘Raisinheart’ consists of three coming-of age stories.

Epic Fail: The anti-hero, anti-fantasy anti-quest adventure!

Accidental ordinary everyday immortals, shut away in an infinite forest prison maze, must find a way to fulfill their mission: to find some unknown thing, take it somewhere, and do something with it. Failure might be the only option, and the only way out could turn out to be no way out.

This book contains the first three books in the Epic Fail series: Entropic Quest, Prisoners of Perfection, and The End of the Line


The Secret Trilogy: The three short novels comprising The Secret Trilogy share characters, plots and locales across different genres: a mystery (Squatter with a Lexus) , an urban fantasy (Secret Sidewalk), and a ghost story (Hidden Highway). A secret thread runs through the set, defying the reader to sniff it out. In the end, who can run away from that which never pursues?secrettrilogy_createspacecover


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