On Bibliotastic – a great site for quality free e-books

Anyone who disapproves of free e-books can happily ignore this post.

Most of the websites offering free e-books suffer from the general haystack problem. Most of the needles are rather prickly (in the erotica sense) featuring all sorts of billionaires and spankings and so forth. Some of the sites I like, such as Feedbooks, are dominated by porn to such an extent that most “literary” types have given up on using them. Smashwords still suffers from discoverability problems, as do free-ebooks.net and Obooko which have all sorts of stuff if you can figure out how to wade through them.

I like Bibliotastic because it’s “curated” (I know, a tacky geek word, but how else to put it?). They don’t just publish anything that’s thrown at them, but make an attempt to preview and review and filter the books they wish to be associated with. It’s a small-business operation, worthy of support, and I’m flattered to have some of my books included in their selection. You can also find books their by some of my favorite indie authors, such as Paul Samael and Opposite Books

From Paul’s comment below: “For anyone interested in knowing a bit more about Bibliotastic, here’s an interview with one of its founders, James Crawshaw



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