The Free Indie Reader – an anthology

I’m putting together an anthology of short stories by my favorite indie authors – it will be given away for free, probably on sites like Smashwords and Feedbooks, and would include links to the authors’ sites or wherever they’d like to direct people to find more of their writing (whether free or not). If you’re an indie author whose stories have been reviewed here (and therefore through my review blog) you are automatically eligible and I will likely be contacting you (unless you want to pre-emptively contact me first by email at to see if there’s a particular story you’d like included. I have my own ideas about that as well. Other readers of the blog are welcome to submit a short story as well, if interested, and I’ll be glad to consider them all for inclusion. I don’t have a hard deadline at the moment, but it will probably go out early next year. Thanking you in advance ..


2 thoughts on “The Free Indie Reader – an anthology

    • Carla, I sent you an email about it too, suggesting maybe Bubble Gum Bicycle Man, Freedom/Stairs, and maybe the first Tesla story. If you want something else to be included just let me know. It’s definitely going to happen, hopefully by the end of January.


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