Rivendale Review: The Free Indie Reader #1

Indie author Michael Graeme of the Rivendale Review on The Free Indie Reader #1

Note that as of New Year’s Day total downloads so far (that I can see) are:

Smashwords.com: 110

Feedbooks.com: 125

Free-ebooks.net: 101

(No data yet available for Smashwords distributors or Obooko.com)

The Rivendale Review

free indie readerIf you’re looking for some new names in fiction to tickle your fancy, then look no further. Tom Lichtenberg has just put together a collection of short fiction by several indie authors (myself included). All of these authors write for free, their work having appeared on Feedbooks and Smashwords in the past. The Free Indie Reader No 1 is available from Feedbooks or Smashwords – just click the pic. And it’s free. Yes, FREE!

I’ve spent the Christmas holidays dibbing into this collection and I’ve enjoyed it very much. I also consider myself fortunate to find myself in the company of these very talented writers, whom probably – no disrespect to them – no one has ever heard of. I’d like to say thanks to Tom for taking this project on, and I’m happy to join with him in drawing the attention of the e-reading public to a little collection…

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One thought on “Rivendale Review: The Free Indie Reader #1

  1. Lisa, Thanks so much for the note. I also love this reader and the work I’ve read in it. You know, I wonder why haven’t I noticed these authors before? I love these stories!

    I wish we could get more indie authors like this noticed. Such talent.   Carla R. Herrera Indy Author/reviewer Visit my blog at Broke-Artist.com


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