If Wishes Were Horses

I’m thinking of a speculative fiction around this notion. It’s a well-known motif in daily life around the world and immortalized in fairy tales such as Aladdin’s Lamp and The Fisherman and His Wife. People gamble, buy lottery tickets, pray, hope, dream and wish all the time. We know in our minds that this isn’t really the most practical way to get things done, but our hearts tell us a different story. We want to believe. The speculative idea I’m considering is this: what if the world really did operate in this way. What if everyone was guaranteed to have at least one of their wishes come true in their lifetime, and when this wish did come true, it would instantly change everything for them. I see them suddenly surrounded by “sparkles”, all around outlining their body (this is visible to everyone) lasting maybe thirty seconds and then poof – they’re changed, maybe even gone, somewhere else, who knows where? And who knows what wish it was that came true, because you don’t get to pick which one it will be, or when, or what will happen after that. This “sparkling”, as I said, happens to everyone at least once in their life, guaranteed. What are some of the implications? What about the people they leave behind? What would be different in such a world, in every day life? Who would bother to a) work hard or b) get ahead when you know that you will definitely get something you truly want at some point? And then what if you don’t want it to happen? What if it suddenly separates you from the person you want or need to be with? If wishes were horses, would beggars always ride?


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