Slushpilers revisited

Yet another article (this time in The Guardian) about how self-publishing has made the word “writer” utterly meaningless since any jackass can “publish” anything anytime. My latest two cents on this FWP:

Anyone can say they are a “musician” without seeming to imply the status of a Jimmy Page. Writing is a pretentious category all its own, but language can take care of itself. The term “author” already seemed pedestrian enough to require the terms “best-selling author” and “prize-winning author” to disginguish between those merely selected by publishers from those more generously validated by the purchasing public. Certainly new terms will be coined to separate the riff-raff from the specials.





2 thoughts on “Slushpilers revisited

    • It seems like there must be a delusional element about it, somewhat like playing the numbers, but buying a lottery ticket is, in comparison, a far more rational way to go. The effort is minimal in that case!


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