Dispatches from Techistan

As a programmer here in the heart of Techistan (a.k.a. Silicon Valley), I often get blind recruitment emails, many of which are unintentionally entertaining (recommended anyone interested in this particular topic should follow Shit Recruiters Say [@recruiterbro] on Twitter). Today’s was from a startup called Clinkle (rhymes with Tinkle), famous for being hacked before launch as well as their executive staff of former Netflix bigwigs, one of whom is described in this TechCrunch piece as a “get shit done guy”. The article goes on to mention that this executive is mostly known for his role in Netflix’s biggest fiasco, the “Qwikster” spinoff, where they tried to raise prices in return for less service while splitting your one account into two separate accounts for no apparent reason. One is tempted to take the term “get shit done guy” in the literal sense of “when he does get things done, they are shit.”

Even in this modern hipster world, it’s hard to believe that a CEO will freely use the word “shit” to praise his new VP of Operations! But the headlines never cease for this company. Here’s a good one:

Payments Startup Clinkle Lays Off A Quarter Of Its Staff [UPDATED: New Layoffs In Addition To 30+ Who Already Left]

Oh, and

Leaked YouTube Video & Tumblr Blog Reveal All About Stealthy Payments Startup Clinkle

The latest being this one from a couple of weeks ago:

Clinkle Gets Hacked Before It Even Launches

I feel sorry for the recruiters who must realize that any interested recipients of their emails will naturally check out the company they’re representing, especially when the subject line of the email is:

Exciting Opportunity at Clinkle!


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