Altered Ego

I’ve always enjoyed the kind of stories that are built around a special character and serialize their adventures – like Sherlock Holmes or Philip Marlowe, Tintin or Miss Marple. Over the course of my own writing I’ve re-used characters but never set out with the express intention of making one of these types, until now. I’m planning on a series based around a mixin of elements from the Freakonomics guy and a bit of Holmes and some Doctor Who and a dash of Errol Flynn thrown in, with some extra curves and gimmicks along the way. I’m also intending to do a special kind of ebook offering, where I’ll serialize these stories in new updated editions of the same title – so that people who get the book once (free most places, as usual) will be able to get updates with new stories as they appear. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, the series, working title “The Abnormalities” is based on perpetually 29-year old dilletante Dillon Sharif, the grandson and sole heir of billionaire global data collector Wilkins Sharif.  Ever since he’d posted his viral video delineating the unlikely correlations between hat styles, virility, and lucky numbers for women, he’d been deluged with requests from people all over the world asking him to help solve the most peculiar and abnormal occurrences. Evidently everyone believed that if he didn’t already know the answer then at least he had the information and the intuition to come up with it. He enjoyed these little games, which sometimes turned more serious, even dangerously so, than originally expected.

One unusual element will be that Dillon is one of the boyfriends of a polyamorous whirlwind named Karen Clyde. Karen is too much for any one man, and at the same time no one man is enough for Karen. Aside from Dillon, she has a genuine proletarian mechanic (Joey) and a scenester hipster CPA (Jasper) to keep her occupied. Dillon is just as happy splashing around in muddy puddles of data but does need a little shaking up every now and then. Karen is just the ticket for that.

Along with abnormalities, Dillon is of course besieged with romantic invitations (billionaire? good looks?) agaist which he has to parry like a genuine swashbuckler. He never knows if a case is such a trap, or the genuine mysterious article.

In the first adventure of the series, “Beepers”, Dillon is called upon to investigate some seemingly unrelated occurrences of people who distinctly hear definite beeping in their homes in the middle of the night, but can never find the physical cause.

“Beepers: A Dillon Sharif Abnormality”, is coming soon, or one of these days, to a WordPress site near you; in fact, this very one.


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