“Fixture” Finds a Friend

When you write and self-publish obscure and strange little books that have no clear path to finding any friends out there in the big bad way over-populated world of books, it’s always a happy day for the book that does somehow find a friend. For my book “Fixture“, this is not quite an annual event, but it’s always worth a celebration. Today’s comes by way of a very nice review on Amazon:

Unfortunately I can’t say a lot about this story because it was so different and strange and completely unlike anything I’ve ever read before. The author is exceptionally talented and the prose was absolutely beautiful. The descriptions of the “Fixture” throughout the story really added life to the fictional individual whose life is being recounted by the narrator. The way the author brings the “Fixture” to life through the description and emotions that it elicits really made it so I could almost see something like this truly existing. Honestly I’d pay big money to see something like this if it could actually be done! Fascinating and enthralling but you definitely need to pay attention while reading it. Maybe someday an artist will do a rendering of the “Fixture” as described by Tom Lichtenberg that would be awesome!


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