Attractions, coming and come

Meet the #1 Big Data Detective, as #Freakonomics meets #Sherlock meets #DoctorWho as a reverse #polyamorous #ErrolFlynn! “Abnormality #1: Beepers” is now free on Smashwords  (and below, in the previous post)

Coming soon, the continuing adventures of Dillon Sharif & co., in “Abnormality #2: Migrants”, currently in progress …


5 thoughts on “Attractions, coming and come

    • i’ve got to find better keywords (i’m so bad at keywords!) to advertise this aspect of the story. I don’t think i know any other “hero” stories where the hero is content to be one of several lovers of a polyamorous queen (i know a few of those who are doing it quite successfully – not so much the other way around, not counting Mormons).


      • My first thought with polyamorous was James T Kirk in a different love interest every episode or so. Though I guess that would closer to womanizing than polygamy.

        Reverse would definitely hit the idea of a queen and her harem. Kind of steals my “Brother Husbands” idea but not really. Mine was more of a goof.

        Will Dillon Sharif be appearing anywhere other than Smashwords?


      • Brother Husbands, eh? Makes me think of the True Detective Finale! Where can I find yours?

        The Abnormalities series’ will all be on Feedbooks and Kindle as they appear, as well as Smashwords and affiliates (iBookstore, Barnes&Noble, etc …)


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