On having a real job

My last job was really great. I was working with several friends, my boss was the best boss ever, and my job description was essentially “do what you think needs doing”. For two years I did a lot of work, but then it looked more and more like the work I thought needed doing simply couldn’t be done do to forces beyond my control. The infrastructure wasn’t there, the data wasn’t accessible, and there were too many disconnects between groups. And then a new opportunity came my way and I took it. Now I have a new boss and new co-workers and my job description is “do what my boss tells me to do and report to him pretty much all the time”, and I’m working harder than I have in months. It’s different. Not so long ago I had time to think about stories and write them. I was all set to embark on Abnormality #3, but now I have hardly any time for thinking about it or energy for doing it. But it’s okay. Don’t cry for me, Argentina! The world is not waiting with bated breath for that story! I like having a real job, though it means longer hour and my brain hurts. I’m lucky to have it.


4 thoughts on “On having a real job

  1. The swings and roundabouts of an aspiring author’s life, eh? I share your predicament/frustration. Probably thousands of us. Try adding a two year old hyper-active insomniac boy into the mix. I feel productive if I can find time to sharpen my pencil these days. 😦


    • I can relate to the insomniac child – my own had night terrors for the first four years of his life, and wouldn’t get back to sleep except if I drove him to the coast and back in the middle of the night!


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