Free Indie Reader Promo on Free Ebooks Dot Net

I’ve put my ebooks on a lot of free ebooks sites and “promoted” them on sites that promote such things, always with the “free” in mind since, after all, the books are free so why pay for promoting them? I’ve made a few exceptions, as experiments. I once advertised on and saw no results from that (that’s a “not-recommended” by me) (but I thought maybe that’s because the good people on Goodreads consistently rate my books a full star lower than they do on Apple, Amazon, Smashwords or Barnes&Noble)(Anyway, I digress)(oops, I digressed again)


So there’s this website called and according to them some of the books I’ve uploaded there have seen some decent download numbers, more than 2000 for the ones that have been most prominently featured on their site, so when they had a promotion for ‘front page featuring’ I decided to spend a few bucks promoting The Free Indie Reader #1, a collection of great short stories by several of my favorite indie writers. The book has seen more than1000 downloads from the various sites it’s been on since the beginning of the year, including around 240 from, so I was curious to experiment and see how it fared with this ‘front page featuring’. Today I received an email and, you’re really not going to believe this, so I will copy and paste it here:

Time to email all your friends and family! 

Hi Tom Lichtenberg, 

The “Homepage Feature” you ordered has been received. It is scheduled to be live on our homepage on October 9, 2031 for 1 week. 

Your eBook The Free Indie Reader #1 will occupy this Premium position on and put you and your ebook front and center. 

That’s right, folks, that’s the year two thousand and thirty one. I’m not saying how old I am now, but if I’m still alive at that time I’ll be a couple of weeks shy of my 73rd birthday. So that will be a nice little gift, won’t it? I wrote them back and ask them if this was a typo, or a joke (It was April Fools Day, after all).

UPDATE: They wrote back today and apologize for the date and the ad is live this morning:



Our webs-server provider experienced issues over the weekend and we are currently running the sites from our backups while we sort out said issues. In order to make it up to you I have extended the listing for another week at no cost.

You can get your free copy of The Free Indie Reader. You’ll be glad you did. There are some great stories in there by Lisa Thatcher, Michael Graeme, Giando Sigurani, Carla Herrera, WIllie Wit, Judy B and Paul Samael, excellent writers one and all.


7 thoughts on “Free Indie Reader Promo on Free Ebooks Dot Net

  1. I had my ebook listed there for two weeks immediately after I published and it was on their first page. This was on the advice of my independent publisher. In that two weeks it had nearly 3000 downloads and I though GREAT! Until I found the book listed on about 20 sites for sell, often at prices much higher than I set for the book. That was all resolved with a few emails except for this one bit torrent site, but it was a lot of work. I recently did a post on these sites. The one bit torrent site still has the book for free download, and of course no contact info. They are created by hackers and use your book download as bait to get malware and phishing ware onto your computer to glean your personal info. I hate being associated with it. Not only is it contributing to piracy, downloading from these sites can ruin your system. Most platforms have safeguards against passing the book on when you do a free promo. I will never use free- again.


      • Thanks for the follow. I didn’t mean to come off like a raging bull on first introduction, it just hit a nerve with me. Sorry about that.

        I would never publish the list, but I found five more bit torrents sites that have my book file now from that one torrents site. They set up sites offering thousands of titles for “free” but charge a monthly or yearly membership fee…all without the author’s permission.

        Doing a free promo on Ereader News Today or Bookbub seems the better way to go. With ENT I do discounted promos about every two or three months, whenever my book climbs to #300,000 or so on Amazon, during the promo, which lasts two days, I usually sell hundreds at the promo price. I have been hesitant to do “free” anywhere since that first experience. Any, just thought I should share my experience.


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