Experimental: Scribl Books

Scribl.com is another ebook distribution site I’m giving a try. It’s one of the newer ones that’s pitching a money-making scheme whereby the book starts out free, then the more downloadsit gets, the price gradually goes up, so that the price itself is an indication of popularity (along with the usual five star ratings and optional reviews). They also boast a different approach to marketing/filtering the book for purposes of discovery. As you go through the process of uploading your book, you fill out a quesitonaire on various categories they call “story elements”, including radio button selections for levels of sexuality and violence and fantasy and the target age of the audience you had in mind. Browsers on the site use the same categories to filter the books. One of my favorite elements is “pace” – mine are usual “breakneck”. Some of these are really good ideas, and I’m sure they’ll be refined over time as well. There are bugs in the current (beta) version, but on the whole it seems to be a decent site with good intentions and some interesting concepts. In the contract terms you can either select 70% of the profits and keep all the rights to yourself or there are 80% and 90% options which give the additional rights to your work, and I hadn’t seen that before. They also allow for inclusion of audiobook files, if you’re interested in that. I did some recordings several years ago of some of mine (around the same time I started with Smashwords there was Podiobooks for free audiobook distribution, and although I rarely remember to check, I just saw that those audiobooks are still being downloaded, five years later – even as many as ten per day still for some of them, like zombie nights and snapdragon alley). The quality wasn’t great – I’m no great communicator – but it was fun to do. Anyway, you might want to give Scribl.com a try if you’re an indie writer or reader.


One thought on “Experimental: Scribl Books

  1. Thanks for the reference! We’ve been getting some great feedback and suggestions during the beta from a diverse group of interesting users.


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