I’m So Sick of the Middle Ages

That’s my new song, to the tune of the song “I’m so bored with the USA” by The Clash. Seriously. I finally tried to watch an episode of Game of Thrones (aka Porno Hobbit), thinking it couldn’t be half as bad as that guy’s hackneyed, clichéd, terribly boring writing, but it is! And maybe even more than half. But the people are so pretty it’s almost Beverly Hills 90210 with a 21st century adjustment in the tits and blood department. It was fitting that I tried to watch it right after trying to watch Anchorman 2, where the best line was “Why tell the people what they need to hear? Why not tell them what they want to hear?” and this medieval bullshit is apparently something a lot of people enjoy. I’ve just had a little too much of the Middle Ages for one lifetime, I suppose. 


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