Bad Blogging

I just found out that I’ve been blogging all wrong. I should have known there were all sorts of rules for blogging just as there are for everything else these days. Most of these rules boil down to one: give the people what they want, at all costs. What is it that people want? According to the rules they want “interesting content” but nothing negative about anything ever. They also want to hear ideas that will thoroughly validate and echo their own.

So, with apologies to all three or four regular visitors to this space, I’m afraid I have no option but to ignore all the tires and continue doing everything wrong here, just as I do in my fiction and all other non-work-related activities.

I won’t write with the reader in mind.

I won’t write for any market, or for any practical reason.

I won’t master the arts of tweeting, following, liking, commenting or favoriting.

I won’t blog the right way.

I won’t worry about it.


4 thoughts on “Bad Blogging

    • I agree, and the rules say yes by all means be yourself, but only to a point, just be the good parts! But I love the rules. They are like guideposts telling you which way not to go


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