A family story

I found out about a book that seems like a relative of one of my own stories, Deadline. Deadline is about a grim reaper on assignment. This new book is called Deadliners and it’s about a whole family of grim reapers on assignment! I don’t know anything else about this book, but I like the idea, obviously!

Deadline has made its way around the world through various channels over the years, including this wonderful surprise from earlier this year, when an artist in Lithuania decided to illustrate it. It’s part of my Cashier World short story collection, but I’ve also posted it separately on a variety of sites. This new relation made me decide to put it out there for free on Smashwords and Feedbooks all by its lonesome, with a cover and all. It’s rather amusing to me because it is a very short story, little more than a thousand words, hardly a “book” but it’s an “ebook”! The cover is from a digital art-thing I did some time ago that seemed to find a little favor on Google+ and Tumblr (but really, anything at all with a pretty girl will do that). If there’s a science to Marketing, it’s Biology!



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