Who’s Your Favorite Writer?

Can you name just one? Would it be the same always? If the answer changes over time, or depending on the weather, or the time of day or other such factors, is it really ever an answer at all? And so many factors go into it. My own disclaimer – I am a 56-year old white professional male Californian, in other words a privileged, educated late-baby-boomer-benefiter-of-so-many-advantages-it-is-seriously-unfair.

So what are the categories anyway? Favorite writer? Most impressive writer? Most influential writer? Other cubbyholes?

I’ll take doors number one, two and three, as of today (and selecting four in each group)

Favorite: meaning, writers I read over and over again, and have read over and over again for years and always with great enjoyment:

Jorge Luis Borges

Flannery O’Connor

Guy du Maupassant

Joseph Conrad


Most Impressive: meaning every time I read them I wonder why anyone else ever bothers:

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Joseph Conrad

Guy du Maupassant

Clarice Lispector


Most Influential: and perhaps this is the most unvarying, since I was most influenced in my youth, specifically late teens and early twenties, by these people:

Kurt Vonnegut

Philip K. Dick

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Stanislaw Lem

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