EtherBooks 8 Days of Flash Fiction

The Ether Books 8 Days of Flash Fiction “competition” was quite fun. I only wish I had discovered it before the 3rd day. As it was, I could only submit 6 stories (as you had only 24 hours for each one). The stories can be found on the Ether Books app (and on their website, here), as well as on this blog over the past week! I don’t expect to see many downloads from the Ether Boosks app but that’s not important to me. I do recommend the app, though, It’s a different kind of ereader, specializing in short fictions for mobile devices only, for quick reads while waiting in line or wherever. I’ve found a number of good ones, including a couple by one of my favorite writers, Rowena Wiseman.

My own pieces in the contest include:

Stoplight – a story about chronic fatigue – in fact, this was originally a song I wrote for my band (which, yes, was called Bobby and the Bedouins)

When you wake up, you’ll be someone else, who am I this time?

    Got no memory, got no face, gone without a trace.

   Where have I been? What have I done?

   Saw it coming, didn’t see it come.


Twins – a sketchy character sketch based somewhat on somebody that I used to know

The Sultan – likewise more or less a person I knew around the same time and place

The Hobbits – One day at a certain tech company I turned over a rock and look what I found! The IT trolls!

The Pre-Bereaver – Now this is someone I just made up. The illustration, if you follow the link, is a sample of one of my many thousands of “nickelheads”. I used to spend a great deal of time in school classrooms outlining nickels on sheets of paper, and then filling in faces and giving them names. This guy was “Nigel”. It’s a tradition I’ve been proud to hand down to my son!

Survivor – There’s always a time and place for the Survivor, especially the One whose toilet is a pot of gold




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