Recommendations from 8 Days of Ether Books Flash Fiction

Now, I have not read all of the stories in the Ether Books ‘8 Days’ Flash Fiction competition – there are a lot! – but here I am going to talk about those that I did read and gladly recommend. You need the EtherBooks app in your phone or tablet to read them, but the link above works on the web to at least see the titles and their descriptions. It’s difficult to discuss fictions of 500 words or less without giving everything away, but I’ll give it a try.

They Really Do Look Like Ants by Natalie Bowers (in the TRAGEDY section) is practically an entire Sci-Fi thriller in only 500 words. I liked how the meat of the story snuck up on me, and then the last line really wowed me.

The People Indoors by Suzanne Conboy-Hill (in the RISK section) takes the concept of “I dare you” to a whole new (and higher) level.

Bein a Family ‘Cordin to Miss Charmian by Lindsay Fisher (in the FAMILY section) tells a sorry story in its own vibrant idiom.

The Future-Teller by Shravya Gunipudi (in the HATS section) makes an ordinary shopping expedition anything but when the choices you make offer such different paths going forward.

Conversations with Lego by Karla Mouncey-Jaggers (in the FAMILY section) makes a dad take notice – that toy you hear could be coming from inside the house!

0 Out of 10 by Liz Hedgecock (in the FAMILY section) is a stream of barely-consciousness in which when mom says A WORD you really take notice!

What’s He Up To? by Lee Williamson (in the ADVENTURE section) impressed me, even though the wife in the story never was.

When? by Susan O’Reilly (in the TIME section) made me want to notice everything I never do. What a small fraction of reality our brains let us process! Or at least mine …






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