a thousand ratings are worth one word


and that word is “#roundnumbersarecooliguess”

It’s nice to see 1000 ratings on Goodreads of my various books. I don’t really know why. The average rating, after all, is not so great, and at this point all it can do is fluctuate a few hundredths of a point here and there. I guess what I like most is the idea that people are still reading the books, while I’ve done almst nothing at all in terms of “promoting” or “branding” (or even “brandscaping”, a new term I just came across today). The books are truly like those little paper boats you launch on a stream and make their way, slowly and precariously, into the great wide world. Every now and then something wonderful happens, like the gorgeous book made out of the story ‘Deadline’, or someone from halfway around the world asks for permission to translate, or someone writes a really thoughtful review (one way or another). In the meantime, I’m very very glad I’m not a professional writer. I could not imagine having to force myself to write. I would quickly come to despise and abandon the whole thing. Yuk. As an amateur I get to write whatever I want, whenever I feel like it, and set it free and move along. My new twitter hashtag is #stillnotwriting, because that’s exactly what I am doing these days, along with working hard at my job, parenting, moving, dabbling in music, weeding, biking and camping.


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