Feedback 101

An art-teacher-friend the other day was talking to me about how her students have no conception of how to handle feedback, criticism, reviews, ratings, etc … They are expected to put their artwork out there, but not told anything about how to deal with the consequences of that. They’re encouraged to go ahead and expose themselves (positive thinking all the way!) and not prepared at all for everything that entails, other than perhaps being told that you need to “develop a thick skin” or “make lemonade . It’s possible that this generation of students might be better at it, having grown up in a world of internet comments, where total strangers can pop up at any time and pass snap judgments on all sorts of things, but I think it would be useful for students of any age to have some sort of formal education about how to go about developing that thick skin, how to either accept or reject feedback, how to become immune to peer or external pressures, or how to use feedback as motivation. It’s an idea at least … Often what you find is that people reacting to your work are telling you more about themselves than about the work.


2 thoughts on “Feedback 101

  1. Wise words. As a self-published author who has had some snarling feedback posted on my books, that last sentence is so true and should be shouted the length and breadth of the land.


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