Pigeon Weather: 2014 Year in Review

2014 started off wonderfully for Pigeon Weather Productions, with the publication of The Free Indie Reader #1, which contains stories by several of my favorite indie authors: Lisa Thatcher, Paul Samael, Michael Graeme, Judy B., Carla Herrera, Willie Wit and Giando Sigurani. The collection was distributed (for free of course) on Smashwords and Feedbooks and has been downloaded several thousand times altogether.

As for my own writing, I would sum it up by saying I had some good ideas and all-in-all didn’t execute as well as I might have. All of them could have been done better. Still, each one has some elements I remain happy with, beginning with Wish World, a fable of sorts about a world where wishes literally do come true (so be careful what you wish for).

I wrote five stories in The Outlier series, for which I retain a great fondness although they too could all have been rendered better. It’s intended to be a sort of retro-pulp thing, incorporating elements of Doc Savage, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and Freakonomics, with a dash of polyamory and metrosexual fitness nuts, centered around some absurdist notions about Big Data and internet privacy.

I participated in a couple of flash fiction contents on the EtherBooks website. I’d never done flash fiction before and it was a fun experience. Probably my best effort on there was Twins, which actually won an Editor’s Choice award.

My longest bit of writing this year was the short novel Close to Nowhere, clocking in at a whopping 16,000 words – about as many as I can muster these days. This one’s about a call-center worker and a mistaken identity involving a climate-change fraud-ring and a terrorist threat against it. Even I’m not sure where that all came from!

The highlight of Pigeon Weather Productions this year was the illustrated publication of Deadline, which came to me out of the blue from an artist in Lithuania, Orile Aleknaviciute. You can see her work online here, and read the story by itself on Wattpad

On the social media front, I did almost nothing for Pigeon Weather Productions, but I was pleased to see that the Goodreads rating for my collective works managed to inch up slowly throughout the year, ending at an all-time high of 2.95, which isn’t too bad considering that Goodreads raters are some of the toughest around. I enjoyed my one- and two-star reviews and am grateful for the three- four- and fives as well!

Where in previous years I had collaborated with my son in fiction-writing, culminating in our Epic Fail trilogy which begins with the anti-hero anti-epic Entropic Quest, this year our collaborative efforts turned towards music, especially digital mixology on Soundcloud, where we frequently co-produce improvisations as well as do our own things – his at Lemon Thief Music, and mine at Emergency Test Lab.

As forTwitter and Facebook what can I say? My “Klout” score rose pitifully from something to something else, but, come on. Klout? Really? As my son and I would say, “That’s not a thing!”



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