Onward and onward

I reached the point in the story today where I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. Usually I’ll head straight for it, just to get the thing out of my system, but it’s a new year and a new idea. Maybe I’ll just run with this puppy for a while. The scene has shifted and anything can still happen. I have no idea even what the next chapter will be, but that’s the way I like it – one chapter at a time and it’s all up in the air. With this story, I only know the ending, and that comes from the title itself. One way or another, the brain has to end up inside a box! Up until then who knows? There are several interwoven plots – an uncertain gender identity, the consequences of being able to talk with animals, the sense of what it would be like to be a lab grown humanoid, a black market in artificial intelligents, unusual alliances, characters yet to be discovered. I keep telling myself to let it go on, don’t be in such a rush. It can be hard to restrain the obsessive compulsion but maybe if I take it one day at a time … Also I can allow myself to make new cover art for it whenever I feel like it.




3 thoughts on “Onward and onward

    • definitely, and my new challenge is to not stop. why am i always in such a hurry to finish up? i kind of want to let it go on and on for a while, and if i get stuck, just wait until a way out pops up!


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