a luta continua

the struggle goes on. the day to day struggle (get up, go to work, come home, go to bed). the world struggles (if a muslim kills somebody, islam is bad. if a black man kills somebody, black people are bad. if a white man kills somebody, he was a lone wolf, a troubled soul, they use his middle name in all the news stories for some reason). my son was impressed by a tedtalk video in which the speaker says the hard thing about growing up is that you have to do all the crappy things you’d rather not. the work goes on. we’re inventing a world where gadgets will be at your beck and call, constantly troubling themselves to ensure that your thermostat is set just right, you car can drive you around while you just sit there, your wristwatch reminds you to get up off your ass once an hour, there’s an uber for snacks, an uber for shoes, an uber for prostitution. people will reminisce about the old days where there were red lights, green lights, even yellow lights. people will worry that kids today don’t know what it’s like to have to tie your own shoes, to have to comb your own hair, they’ll all be like royals all the time. goddamn kids today. but they will get measles at happy california measles parties and for their own good too because conspiracy-fill-in-the-blank. of course by then the horse-drawn carriages will actually be carriages illustrated by artificially intelligent horses, smarter than your average mister ed. when it’s one of those days like in The Invention of Lying when the office worker stands outside saying “I really don’t want to go in there.” not again. it takes a day off, or two days off. or a very long weekend indeed. the struggle goes on to keep finding carrots to dangle in front of your own damn nose while pretending that you still like carrots even though it’s bullshit that they help your vision. nobody needs vitamins, did you know that? vitamins can go screw themselves. when facebook became face-plant-book because half of your friends turned out to be anti-vaxxers. you just don’t want to go there, you just don’t want to see, don’t want to know. remember the incessant ebb and flow, the ceaseless tides, the ocean that doesn’t care if it’s day or night, warm or cold, summer or winter, windy or still. all days the day. good night.



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