I finished the first/rough draft of the new novel today – puttering into harbor at a measly thirty-six thousand words, still at that the longest story I’ve written in more than thirty years. it will probably get a bit wordier as it motors through the revisory process. i’ll have to sit and think on it for a tad. i was planning on having it go on and on for a while longer, but the telling of it led to such a natural (dare i say organic) conclusion that i felt i had no choice. it was driven to shore by a fair wind. the ending of it makes these obnoxious nautical references relevant. the image below is also relevant but not the final cover by any means.

I also want to give a shout out here to Jim Maher, whose new books Lyric the Unknown and Lyric & Melody are now available on Smashwords, where you can also find all my other stories, and this one too, eventually. Jim’s wonderful book Seamus & Tessa: The World is Just Beginning was an inspiration that kept me following the thread of How My Brain for as long as I did.



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