Trying to do Wattpad right

I haven’t gotten much traction on #Wattpad yet, but I was also posting stuff the wrong way. You’re supposed to do it chapter by chapter so that stars can add up (readers can give each chapter a star). So I’m starting over, beginning with The Lemon Thief’s Ex-Wife’s Third Cousin, as multiple readers have recently suggested. Maybe it’ll help, maybe not. It’s a whole world of its own. You probably have to get more engaged with it than I do, but then there’s the matter of time and effort! I am trying to read and interact with some of the other writers there. I’ve already found some good ones.

It’s a ridiculously small sample size, but so far it seems that most people who read The Lemon Thief have liked it. It’s a version of the old doppelganger theme, only in this story, rather than having the Double show up and steal the original person’s life, they both unwillingly (and, of course, impossibly) steal each other’s lives. The story grew out of my yearning to both remain in New Zealand and return home to California a couple of years ago, when we had the opportunity to live and work in Christchurch for a time. Wouldn’t it be something to be able to just split yourself, and go on in both worlds, then meet up again at some future time and see what had become of each other? Well, The Lemon Thief is not exactly that story, but it’s still a pretty good one.


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