Unfortunate Slang

The title of my forthcoming short novel is “How My Brain Ended Up Inside This Box”. I had a cover image in mind, which included, among other things, a photo of a pretty girl. People seem to like pretty girls on covers, and this particular photo resonated with my idea of the main character, who is a sort of uncertain-gendered – but pretty – artificial creature. In some ways she reminded me of a guy I used to know who was one of the prettiest women I ever saw – a trans female who never lived to make the full trans due to heroin and a certain abusive boyfriend. Jake (not his real name) was also probably the worst employee I ever had to manage. He was absolutely unable to do any sort of useful task whatever, but required such constant handholding that he might as well not even have been there. I had to fire him, which was not fun, but necessary. And I digress. The problem with putting the photo of the pretty girl on the cover is the unfortunate slang use of the word “box”, and especially the context of “inside this box”. She deserves better, so she won’t be seen on the cover. Instead, we have this final candidate, which I like even better anyway:



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