Cyclizer – An Invention

The Cyclizer would be a tool/app/wearable/website/whatever that generates biorhythmic-like graphs of our regular physical and psychological cycles, beginning with heart-beat, breath-rate, eating and drinking habits, excretion habits, sex-life rhythms, waking and sleeping, ovulation cycles (for females), miscellaneous “addiction” rhythms (cigarettes, coffee, diet soda, alcohol, pot, fitness workouts, book writing, whatever it is that you are addicted to – all addictions seem to have a cyclical component and why not? we are animal creatures of a planet that rotates and revolves) – the output could serve to generate tones as well as images, serving as both biofeedback and soundtrack. Delays in cycles correlate to anxieties and stress, behavioral and mood changes which could also be charted. Are we not creatures of many habits? (I know I am). The idea here is to stuff them all together in one place and get a graphical representation of our measly body-driven lives. Let the brain chortle over its wonderfulness then as it can see all at once just how bound and chained it really is.


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