Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Political Disorders

Someone should put together a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Political Disorders, organized along the lines of the one for Mental Disorders. I’m sure we’d all find ourselves somewhere on THAT spectrum! It would be a full circle, where the extremes at the ends always meet, either at full-on selfishness on one side (call it anarchy or libertarianism depending on which route you take to get there) or full-on selflessness at the opposite pole (big government, socialism, communism, welfare state, safety net, whatever you want to call it). The reason I call them “disorders” is that there is, as of yet, no achievable balance. The tensions between the poles always exists, and no one point on the circle is the “right” one. The circle is a perpetual motion machine, there is constant unrest of varying degrees. Many have tried to find the perfect fulcrum, all have failed, and many attempts have been terribly disastrous. Who has the right formula? No one, not the religious states, not the secular states, not the ancient states nor the medieval states nor the tribal states nor the colonial states. In the modern world, all states are “too big to succeed”. Do you have a politics? Then you have a political disorder. Myself included of course.


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