Recommended: Flashed by Peer Glen

Wattpad is a huge honking site and it’s got stuff all over the map – I’m thinking of it as a sort of Los Angeles of amateur writing. It’s got a good spirit and as a big fan of indie writing I’m enjoying my sortee through its wilderness. Today I was very pleased to come across an excellent collection of speculative/sci-fi short stories called Flashed, by Peer Glen, which includes some sparse but evocative tales containing a great deal of originality and unexpected depth. I have several favorites, and several favorite moments within them. Highly recommended!

“Rift or Die” has a unique take on the practical side of life extension, where even those who theoretically can live forever are still stalked and haunted by death, which has all the time in the world at its disposal.

“Free Fall” has an all-too-believable twist on virtual reality (hosted by The Environment ™)

“User Security” takes monopoly capital to a logical and desolate conclusion.

“Blackout” brings to life the kind of “internet of things” nightmare that my own current place of employment spends most of its time worrying about.

“Mesoplanet Triumphant” is a well-told tale of a friendly alien encounter – you wonder why there aren’t more like this in the annals of science fiction.


3 thoughts on “Recommended: Flashed by Peer Glen

  1. A kenyér biztosan isteni! Én azonban egy pár évvel ezelÅ‘tti beygÃjze©seddel kapcsolatban érdeklÅ‘döm? Most vásárolnék gépet a konyhámba, vagy egy kenwodot vagy egy kitchen aidet. Nem tudok dönteni, ráadásul a kenwod esetében shef vagy major? A tiéd milyen és azóta hogy működik? Napi szinten sütök kenyeret, tehát dagasztáshoz is használnám. A válaszodat elÅ‘re is köszönöm!


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