Wattpad Weekly

Wanted to give a little shout out to some more of my favorite writers on #Wattpad:

@MichaelGraeme, first discovered on Feedbooks but I’m happy to see him sharing some of his great work here

@TipsyLit, the wonderful Ericka Clay

@wizzobravo, storyteller extraordinaire

I’ve also become engrossed in the Encante Trilogy by @CocoNichole and My Camino, a sweet travelogue by @AntoninosNatalis


2 thoughts on “Wattpad Weekly

    • who knows? with my massive influence it may even get a new reader or two. i hope you do continue with it. i was reminded a little of a story i wrote called ‘world weary avengers’ in which an inventor comes up with a handheld device he can use to place thoughts in other people’s minds in their own voice, but all he can think to do with it is pan-handling – he makes all the passersby think “i’m going to give that guy a dollar” … then he asks some teenager what he would do with it, and the kid just goes and ruins his sister’s birthday party by making everyone think “this sucks”. similar dilemma that Derek and Sunita have – all this and now what?

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