Recommended: More good stuff on Wattpad

I’ve been reading some more good stuff on Wattpad lately, and wanted to share my good fortue, highlighting some that I haven’t before.

@LaraBlunte is really, really good. I’ve been enjoying The Lazy Traveler out of order, but that’s okay with these often hilarious, always interesting travel adventures. I also recommend her fiction, including Love and Blame and the Devil.

@ShalonSims has a new serial going called The Dreaming, a sci-fi epic-in-the-works featuring a sweetheart of a child alien, a mysterious old tome and a lot more to come.

@PHWhittlesea, poet and musician, has begun a serial called Loreless, which is already off to a great start.

@MichaelGraeme’s “The Price of Being with Sunita”, if I’ve mentioned it before I have to again because it’s just so original and intriguing.

@ironymaster Welcome to Myopia begins with the youth who has an unusual goal in life, and is full of surprises.


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